Personal Life

I love playing soccer, listening to music, playing GO (an old Chinese chess game) and I am an entry-level guitar player. When I was in Hong Kong, I was the captain of PolyU Mainland Students' Soccer Team for two years. Here is a "gallery" of my extra-curricular life. Hope you have the same interests as me!

Kaixin, a soccer player

I started playing soccer when I was in high school, and fell in love with it soon. I played for the school team when I was at high school and played for the mainland students' team when I was at college. I acted as the captain of PolyU Mainland Students' Soccer Team for two years, in charge of managing, organizing, and leading the training sessions.

I usually play in two positions, center-back (CB) and side-back (SB). Sometimes I played as a center-forward in friendly matches because I really want to score:) My favorite team is AC Milan and my favorite player is KaKa.

Kaixin, a music player

I enjoyed listening to music a lot, but I'm probably the worst singer in the world. When I was at high school, I learnt a little bit about how to play the guitar, and below is a video of me and my friends, playing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, to our class.

My favorite band is Green Day, and my favorite singer is James Blunt.

Kaixin, a Chinese GO chess (Weiqi) player

It is actually hard to explain what GO (weiqi) is since it's not popular outside East Asia. Thanks to AlphaGo, it becomes much more famous around the world. I began playing Weiqi when I was 4 and holds an amateur Level.4 dan grade.

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